Vicious Dog Mellows Thanks to Friendship With Goose

It seemed that Rex, a cranky, vicious dog in a UK animal sanctuary would never overcome his anger. That is, until he met his match – an equally cranky goose – who changed his attitude.

According to the Daily Mail, Rex, a German Shepherd, was virtually unadoptable. His vicious behavior scared all of his caretakers at the Puritan Horse and Animal Rescue Centre in Bridgewater, Somerset, England. It was so bad that workers were afraid to go near him and, in order to feed the dog, one shelter worker had to distract Rex while the other threw food into another part of his run.

But one day Rex met Geraldine the goose, and he became a changed dog.

Geraldine arrived at the animal sanctuary, a bit of a grouchy goose herself. Staff members worried that if the two animals ever met face-to-face, there would be trouble.

But they couldn’t have been more wrong.

In fact, the two immediately hit it off and became fast friends, walking, playing, sleeping and yes, even eating together.

Sheila Brislin, who runs the sanctuary told the Daily Mail, “It’s so comical to see them because they love each other to bits.”

The two are allowed to run free together every day and cuddle and snooze in Rex’s bed together every night.

“They snuggle down together and Rex puts his leg over her to protect her,” Brislin tells the Daily Mail. “In the morning they have breakfast together. It’s really sweet to see them.”


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