The Amazing Acro-Cats

These guys are professionals.  The amazing Acro-Cats are absolute proof that positive clicker-based training can work  wonders –  even with cats.  The Acro-Cats are a pretty mixed bag.  From the  white, bell-ringing star, Tuna, to the tabby keyboardist, Nue, to sleek black tightrope-walking Buggles, these fabulous felines could just have easily been  ordinary housecats, lounging around the house.
But Samantha Martin had bigger dreams for these little guys –  not only to have them perform, but also to show that cat training can be  done.  Samantha uses clicker training, a positive system in which the cats are  consistently rewarded for specific behaviors.  Her cats take training  success to the extreme, jumping through hoops, playing instruments, and ringing  bells, but Samantha emphasizes that clicker training can improve the lives of everyday cats and their  humans.
Samantha Martin and her troupe of trained cats (and other animals) made a stop  in St. Cloud, MN to show off their most unique partnership. Here are some show highlights.

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