Shhh! Don’t Tell Lamo the Sheep He’s Not a Dog

A sheep which was rescued after it was hit by a car and brought up with three puppies is now convinced he is a DOG.  Thirteen-month-old Lamo is so sure he is a pooch, he fetches sticks and balls, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs — and even tries to BARK.  Lamo does not even recognise his own kind — preferring to chase rabbits instead.   Owner Jennifer Jones, 45, who runs Rockfield Animal Rescue in Wentnor, Shrops., took  Lamo in when he was run over by a motorist last February.   Mum-of-four Jennifer fed Lamo milk and brought him up with her three dogs a  Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Wallace, a Jack Russell called Judy and a Labrador called Poppy.

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