Rescued Pit Bull Saves Four-Year-Old Boy’s Life

By Caroline Golon

TatorTot, a 10-month-old rescued Pit Bull, was only in his foster home a week when he saved the life of the family’s young son, securing him a permanent place in the family’s hearts – and their home.
Christi Smith took in TaterTot from the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, planning to foster him until she could find a family for him. But she immediately noticed a sweet bond between TaterTot and her four-year-old son, Peyton, and began to think maybe the dog would be a good fit for her own family.
Four nights after TaterTot came to stay, Peyton woke up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and was acting odd.  “He just seemed kind of weird,” Smith told FOX 9 News. “He wasn’t really coherent.” She figured the boy was simply very tired.
After Peyton went back to bed, TatorTot also started acting strange, licking pawing and jumping on the boy when he wouldn’t wake up.  “He kept on whining and barking and running between the two of us,” Smith FOX 9 News. “I checked on him, and he was barely breathing.”
Smith rushed Peyton to the emergency room, where it was discovered his blood sugar was dangerously low. Doctors went to work regulating him and alleviating the life-threatening situation.
Experts explain that dogs can sometimes pick up on chemical and other changes in a human’s body.
Fortunately, Peyton recovered and is back to normal. However, after ruling out diabetes, his mother and doctors continue to look into what might have caused the boy’s episode.
As for TatorTot, he’s found his forever home with the Smiths. “I am never going to let this dog go,” Smith told the Pioneer Press. “I owe him for the rest of his life.”


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