Pet Rats Playing and Doing Tricks

Here’s some footage of one man’s pet rats Achilles and Patroclus. The camera gets a bit wobbly at times because he was filming, giving commands, and rewarding his boys simultaneously. 

About half of the time they are just playing, but in the other half the tricks you’ll see them doing fetch, spin, and walk.  Fetch and spin speak for themselves, but walk, to those unfamiliar with rats, will look like they are just chasing after treats and that it is no trick.  That is kind of true, but untrained rats will follow a moving treat that just out of their reach on all fours, then rear up when they get underneath it.  The trick is getting them to follow the treat without putting their front legs down.

Lastly, he took the audio of giving the commands out.  Sorry if you wanted to hear it, but it is really lame to hear the same three words repeated over and over and over again.    Instead, please enjoy the musical stylings of Janet Jackson as selected by the rats owner.

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