Most intelligent Mimic Octopus in the world

In Latin it’s called Thaumoctopus mimicus. It’s Meryl Streep in octopus form. There are ocean animals that can change shape, imitate plants, rocks and flora but this octopus is special. It seems to study other creatures and then imitate them, copying their moves and their bodies. It can do sea snakes, lion fish, flatfish, giant crabs, seashells, stingrays, jellyfish and weird beings that have no name, and maybe no earthly existence. No scientist has ever seen a shaggy sprinting bipedal crab — until our octopus decided to be one.

The mimic octopus lives in bays off Indonesia and Malaysia. It was discovered by some fishermen very recently, in 1998. How did they recognize it when it can change any time it likes, but here it is, in this video, showing off …Check it out.

Thanks to my friend Dr. Ed for sending this one!

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