For the Love of Lilly Update

Buy For the Love of Lilly, Living with Malamutes in HawaiiAloha!  I spent most of Saturday working on my website with 2 great guys on Kauai from Techspokes.  Jeff and Rob have a wealth of information on marketing and how to create a website.  In four hours, they taught me, under Jeff’s direction, how to publish a new header photo for my home page, how to create  a form for people to contact me as well as a place for visitors to subscribe to my site so I can send updates to them And they helped me to create a button to click on so visitors can easily buy my book.  I am so pleased!  And I had so much fun updating my website, please come by and check it out.

Buy My Book: For the Love of Lilly, Living with Malamutes in Hawaii

If you haven’t read my book yet, please click on my book cover and it will take you to my publisher where you can buy it!

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