Fawn is rescued

In Brush Prairie WA, a couple noticed a deer in their yard that appeared to be franticly looking for something in the rocks.  When they first went out with their neighbors, they didn’t see anything but the deer wouldn’t leave their yard.  They went back to their house, watched and after a few minutes, the deer came back.

They went out to the area the deer was concentrating on and could hear a baby fawn crying in the rocks.  They moved some of the rocks and smaller boulders and saw a baby fawn’s face in the rocks. He had apparently fallen in or crawled in through one of the gaps and was now trapped. The larger boulders were too heavy to move and they didn’t want to have the rocks cave in on the baby deer so they called Clark County Fire District 3.  The B Shift team came out and were able to move the larger rocks out of the way with the Jaws of Life just enough to be able to reach in, pull the baby fawn out and reunite it with its momma. The fawn, who was probably stuck in there most of the night, quickly went on to nurse off its momma.

After sharing these clips with some friends, they all thought that it was just too cute not to share with more people so they uploaded the final clip.


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