Dog loves Baby Chicks

          What’s cuddlier than a fluffy yellow Golden Retriever? A Golden Retriever covered in fluffy yellow chicks!

Photographer Candice Sedighan discovered a local feed store in her neighborhood in California was closing down and had no one to take the newly hatched chicks. “I decided to take them in until I could find a permanent home for them,” she told
Sedighan wasn’t sure what her 11-year-old Golden Retriever, Champ, would think of the little visitors so she carefully introduced the dog to the chicks by letting him smell them and by showing Champ how she was gently petting them.
Champ got it right away and spent the next few days snuggling his new friends and letting them climb all over him. “The chicks loved to burrow under Champ’s fur as it kept them warm just as their mother’s feathers would,” Sedighan told Today.
Fortunately, Sedighan was soon able to find a permanent home for the chicks but not before she shot an adorable photo series and a heart-melting video with Champ and his tiny friends.

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