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Migaloo the White Whale Encounter

A one in a million chance encounter with Migaloo the white Humpback Whale as he leaves the Great Barrier Reef, migrating back to Antarctica after spending the worst of the southern hemisphere winter off Port Douglas.

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First humpback whales of season are spotted off Kauai, Niihau

A humpback whale is seen breaching. A couple of humpback whales have arrived early to the Hawaiian Islands this humpback whale season, which generally runs November through May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said today. Researchers on the NOAA … Continue reading

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Love Song To The Earth

Official Love Song To The Earth Lyric Video directed by Jerry Cope and Casey Culver produced by Jerry Cope & Toby Gad, Nature Cinematography by Louie Schwartzberg Featuring Vocal Performances by Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Colbie … Continue reading

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Orca (killer whale) and dog

Luna the killer whale socializes with dog. Luna/L98 was a male southern resident (fish eating) Orca who died March 10 2006 when he was hit by a large tug boat in Nookta Sound. Luna lived a solitary life when he … Continue reading

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Dolphin Stampede Overtakes Whale Watching Boat

Captain Dave Anderson has been running whale-watching tours out of Dana Point, California, for twenty years. Recently Captain Dave has been photographing whales and dolphins with a new technology: a remote-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicle. a.k.a. a drone. This new “toy” has allowed him … Continue reading

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Good news: Lolita the Loneliest Orca Finally Gets Endangered Species Protection!

Animal advocates are celebrating news that Lolita, the lone orca at the Miami Seaquarium, is another step closer to freedom with the announcement that she will now get the endangered species protection already granted to her wild relatives. Lolita is a member … Continue reading

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Lolita the Orca Needs a New Home Now

She looks like a goldfish in a bowl, but she’s actually a blackfish in a tank. A very small tank. A new video has been posted on YouTube, apparently taken by a drone, showing Lolita, a 22-foot-long killer whale, … Continue reading

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Six Enormous Whales Creep Up on These Norwegian Fishermen

Two men on the hunt for herring had some unexpected competition. We hardly need proof to know whales don’t belong in aquariums, but awe-inspiring clips like this are still a good reminder of why the majestic animals shouldn’t be held … Continue reading

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Dolphins Do Not Belong in Captivity

As if we needed more proof that marine mammals don’t belong in tanks, here’s an amazing five-minute video of a “mega-pod” of dolphins, along with a few whales, thriving in their natural habitat. 9 Types of Dolphins You Didn’t Even … Continue reading

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Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat. If you’re ever worried about losing faith in humankind, despair not: here is the antidote. Cue happy tears… “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop … Continue reading

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