Cat opens five doors to go outside

Cats have an insatiable curiosity that hones their problem-solving skills and gets  them into trouble on a pretty regular basis.  A cat in a house with nothing  exciting to watch, do, or look forward to is likely to be a restless and unhappy  cat.  Boredom is a strong reason to hang out by doors and windows looking  for the opportunity to try something new.  Your cat isn’t trying to escape – she’s looking for a chance to explore!

Unfortunately, particularly in urban areas, fast-moving vehicles,  ever-changing scents, and urban predators may turn an exploring expidition into  a dangerous situation that kitty might have trouble getting out of.  But  there is a lot you can do to keep your feline friend busy and to  prevent an escape into danger.

Make sure your (closed or screened) windows are accessible.  While  you’re at work, kitty can have a great time watching and even stalking squirrels  and birds outside, so long as she has a comfy perch like a couch or a kitty  condo to do it from.  Speaking of kitty condos, there is no better place to  scratch, hide out, play, and generally keep an eye on the house.  Try  putting some catnip toys on a condo for kitty to discover during the day.   Cats are also trainable.   Find some good training tips and stick to them, and kitty  will learn that the door is not the coolest place to be.

If your cat does escape, be prepared.  Even indoor cats need a collar  with tags that have your contact information on them – especially indoor cats,  since they will have the most trouble finding their way home.  Jackson  Galaxy also recommends that if kitty steps out the door in your  presence, try not to panic, lunge, or scream; speak calmly and move  slowly.  And always have recent color photos of your cat available in case  you need to make flyers.

So get your kitty habitat in order, then check out this amazing escape artist  as he opens five doors in a row!

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