Cat “Hired” As Assistant Librarian in Russia

By Caroline Golon


              Sometimes, the best person for the job is…a cat!
That’s what a library in Russia decided when they appointed kitty cat Kuzya as their new assistant librarian.
Apparently, Kuzya a cute and friendly stray tabby wandered into a library in Novorossiysk, Russia. The staff immediately took a liking to him and it was soon clear, according to Rocket News 24, that patrons also liked having Kuzya around. Once news of the resident cat spread, the library saw an increase in visitors.
Recognizing that Kuzya was a natural library cat, the staff went about getting the official paperwork required to allow a cat to roam around a public space, and made sure he was given a microchip and vaccinations.
Once Kuzya was “official,” he was appointed assistant librarian and assigned a uniform of an adorable (and dapper) bow tie, befitting his very important job.

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