Alaskan Malamute playing with and feeding from mummy Malamute

Phoenix is an Alaskan Malamute who was only a few weeks old in the video but who is now 2 and a bit years old and is now 49kg. The music is a bit corny so be prepared to turn the volume down.  The story about the people (not me) behind this video is below the video if you want to to know more.

“When we got married we had a brilliant videographer called Jennifer Page. When we met Jen to discuss the wedding etc, we got talking about a puppy called Phoenix that we had just bought, but who was too young for us to take home until after the wedding which wasn’t for a few weeks. Jen later asked a few questions about the breeder and claimed her parents were interested in one of Phoenix’ litter and so asked for their number. Several weeks later we returned from our honeymoon and received the DVD of our wedding. One of the chapters on the DVD was “message from an absent friend”. We had no idea what it was and so pressed play…. this video is what was on.

It turned out that Jen was fibbing about her mum wanting a puppy, and she was getting details of the breeder so she could arrange to view and film Phoenix. In the video Phoenix is playing with his mum. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with her eye, she had a prolapsed eyelid from giving birth to Phoenix and his brothers and sisters. As you can imagine it was an awesome surprise to get this bonus on the already fantastic wedding video. We couldn’t thank Jen enough for what she did and still can’t believe the lengths that she went to, to make the DVD so special. Cheers Jen.”


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