Dolphins do not belong in captivity!


Shortly after I moved to Hawaii 24 years ago,  my best friend and I went to the Big Island on vacation and stayed at the Waikoloa Hotel especially to swim with the dolphins. It was such an unforgettable and incredible experience. It is still easy for me to remember the loving look in “my” dolphins eyes as I danced with him and the rubbery feel of his body as I stroked him and held his flippers. I felt so much joy and love coming through that creature that I treasure that experience to this day.

Then a couple of years later I learned that “my’ dolphin had committed suicide.

And I did some research and learned that every seven years, half of all dolphins in captivity, whether captured or born in captivity die from capture shock, pneumonia, intestinal diseases, ulcers, chlorine poisoning and other stress related illnesses.  Some even commit suicide. They hold their breaths until they suffocate because they can no longer stand the stress of capture confinment and doing tricks to get fed.

Please do your own research. If you really love dolphins, you won’t pay money to swim with them and keep this horrible industry alive so that more will be captured and die.

Thank you ,

Mary Lu

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