Aloha! Welina Mai! (Hello! Welcome. Come on in.)

Welcome to Animals Hawaii.  This website is dedicated to animals and animal lovers everywhere. Companion animals give us so much joy, love and healing energy just being in our lives.  Wild creatures give us a glimpse into the natural world and their unique relationships with life on the planet that we all call home.

My intention is that all animals be treated with love and respect and get to live long, happy, healthy lives.

This site is not just about animals in or from Hawaii, it is about all kinds of animals. We animal lovers don’t discriminate based on where an animal is from, we just love animals. So join with me as we share our favorite pictures, stories, videos and books about animals.

Speaking of books, I published my first book called For the Love of Lilly, Living with Malamutes in Hawaii. This book is about Alaskan Malamutes, the breed of dogs that stole my heart. In my book, I have relayed stories about the incredible dogs that I have been privileged to live with, and especially my own best friend, Lilly.

To buy my book, please go to “For the Love of Lilly” or you can buy on-line at or  Or on your next visit to Kauai, you can pick up a copy at Talk Story Bookstore in Hanapepe or at Blue House Booksellers in Kapa’a.

The photo gallery is dedicated to Alaskan Malamutes, both past and present. Pictured above is our mother dog, Kyra, with two of her handsome offspring, who were the best introduction to a new breed anyone could ever have. (In picture above, from left to right: Lincoln, Kyra and Lonzo.)

For more information about Alaskan Malamutes, or animals in Hawaii including humpback whales,  please feel free to contact me.

Please help feed dogs and cats in shelters all across the US by visiting this website everyday: